The game experience

The player will deploy to a fictitious country recently devastated by violent conflict, tasked with the important mission to strengthen the rule of law in the country. The player will navigate a plethora of challenges such as low capacity of institutions; lack of trust by the population in the government; insecurity caused by flare-up of conflict, and highly divergence perspectives on how justice can and should be delivered to the population. While manoeuvring through the game, the player will also face high pressure from head quarters that wants to maintain the speed of implementation.

The outcome of the game will depend on the quality of the players analysis of the context and stakeholders and how they use this knowledge, the perspectives they uncover, the trust they build up with actors, and how they manage to discover new or alternative solutions to the ones they had initially set out to implement.

The player will be asked to take decisions on three key issues:

  • the location of the court house
  • the type of legal regime to be supported
  • the type of people to train

The player will be asked to submit an implementation plan, through which the player puts his or her decisions in motion. The different combinations of these decisions will have an impact on the status of rule of law in the country, which the player will be exposed to at the end of the game. The effects of the players decisions on the capacity and performance of the justice institutions, the degree of access to justice by the population, and the satisfaction rates of the population with the justice system. Finally, the player will see how well he or she scored on the peacebuilding competencies, and will be given a chance to replay the game.

A full game play will last between 30 minutes and two hours, depending on the time the player takes to process the different sources of information the game provides.

Technical specifications:

The game uses a mechanism of progressive enhancement, which is an automatic downgrading of the video quality when internet connectivity drops below a certain level. The player will not be notified, as the connectivity may fluctuate significantly even during one game play.

The game is an online HTML 5 web-browser based game that can be played on PC, Mac and tablet. For PC and Mac, a minimum of 512mb RAM of internal memory is required. 
The minimum browser requirements are:

  • Chrome 43+
  • Firefox 45+
  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Safari 8 on Mac
  • Safari for iOS 8+
  • Chrome 43+ on Android

On tablets the game can be played with a proper user experience on the iPad 3 and higher, and medium and high end Android tablets running Android 4.4+ or above .

When the game is being played on a low-end device, the game will automatically turn off the animations to assure a smooth game experience. The player will be notified at the beginning of the game.